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I never know how honest to be about my crazy childhood. I’ve often felt judged, and discriminated by it in the past, but now I’m older, the world seems different, some say it’s inspiring, but it’s all perspective.

For people who wonder why I do the work I do, and for those who presume I’m a privileged kid with rich parents:

I left school at 12, and opted to work in nature conservation for a few days a week, being brought up by a liberal, hippy, Mum connected to organised crime, my life was, interesting. By 13, I was drinking, and smoking marijuana most nights.
At 15, a petty drug dealer, with an alcohol problem, being offered a gun, by my mums boyfriend, so I could move up the ranks.
Instead, at 15, I bought an old broken caravan for £80, left home, and lived and worked on a farm, determined to make something of my life.
By 17, life’s gone a bit wrong, and I’m living with heroin addicts, and bad boy racers: after smoking it a few times, and ‘almost’ becoming addicted, I decided to leave England, and moved to Wales, to get to know my Dad.

By 21, I was mostly reformed, and living, and working, in a Buddhist Ecovillage. When I look back on my teenage years, there are 100’s of stories, some traumatic, violent, and sad, and some hilarious, loving and kind. It taught me a lot, about pain, depression, mental illness, abuse, addiction, and the need for forgiveness.

In my 20’s, I was much more political: so grateful that I did not have to choose between a life of working in a frozen fish factory, or crime, like so many of friends growing up did.

I wanted to change the world, I found the reality of growing up in low socioeconomic rating sicking, especially as my life changed, and I experienced other ways to live. I wanted to change politics, and the economy, and given my idealistic nature, I tried. But my upbringing, my age, and that I was so far from truly healed myself, I failed.

Which led me to wear I am today, I think what makes me a good therapist is my ability to understand pain and suffering, and to love and forgive, but still be harsh, not accepting things that are unjust.

One day, I hope my work becomes more political again, and reaches a wider audience, like 17 year old Elliott dreamed, by now I realise that anything is possible. So who knows how life will work out, maybe Kundalini, and healing with sexual energy makes me famous enough to launch a political career when I hit 40.

The main thing I’ve learned, is when you can put others before your self, give unconditionally, and love unconditionally, the worlds a nicer place. I hope the world learns this.

You can read more about my work, as an integrative therapist, on my my main website