Mature Masculine Tools for a Healthy Society

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Ethical Consumer 

If you've read the book then you'll know

  • It's all about personal AND planetary transformation through balancing and integrating our Masculine and Feminine poles
  • Mature Masculine structures are currently the most needed in society

The book highlights these 4 tools to support more Mature Masculine presence in our world


If you would like to see balanced leadership, Mature Masculine and Feminine leadership, in the world, then one of the most powerful things we can all do is use our consumer power by:

Not spending money where you would not want to work

This is one of the most simple but powerful revolutions. The moment we all do this, society drastically changes. Eventually it will have to lead to a raise in unemployment and to counter act this, our approach to time management and distributing wealth will have to change, giving us more time to do the things we love. All of this has to happen slowly enough for our governments and capitalism to adjust. When it’s only conscious and green capitalism that is making money, then all Capitalism will become conscious and green, it’s how the law of ‘supply and demand’, that our economy is built on, works. So for as much as your budget will allow please commit to

Not spending money where you would not want to work.

Before drastic societal changes can take place, a transformation in mass of personal consciousnesses has to happen first. And we can see that this transformation has already started to happen, so our collective consciousness must follow if we continue. As transformation happens we need the systems and technology in place to support our collective and individual shifts. Without the structures and an environment to support this transformation we will fall back and devolve. To create such a system change, diversity and creativity is key. A system that empowers people, allows them to lead, be creative and still integrate back into, and work with a greater whole. It will not happen over night and education has to come first. So if you are a person, or represent a business or institution who would like to get ready and support balanced Masculine and Feminine leadership in our world, I highly recommend adopting these three systems:

1. Spiral Dynamics. To develop opposing human value systems to a point of integrative understanding.

2. Sociocracy and Holacracy. Empty and culture-less decision making structures that take the best of autocratic, democratic and consensus decision making and management styles.

3. Permaculture. Primarily a nature based system for land management, the principles also relate to systems of human design. Following the patterns, principles and wisdom inherent in nature.

Educating people and children in systems like the above is essential to be ready for the larger collective changes that will span multiple value systems and cultures.




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